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Aluminum forging eraThe curtain has begun
Lian Chengwang has more than 25 years of manufacturing experience. We apply to hardware parts in various industries.

1:Forging equipment with a tonnage of 4,000 tons in South China, with a forgeable outer diameter of 500MM and a length of 1000MM。

2:4,000 tons / 800 tons / 650 tons / 400 tons forging 30 CNC CNC machining centers。

3:Forging accuracy can reach between 0.1MM-0.2MM, precision tolerance of processing size (0.01MM-0.05MM)。

4:Independent forging factory, independent CNC machining center area and subsequent surface treatment, etc. Stand-up parts custom factory。

Professional manufacturer
  • Aluminum alloy forgings
  • Car shift paddle
  • Hot forged parts
  • Non-standard custom forgings
  • Outdoor sports forgings
  • Motor vehicle forgings
Product center

National standard, American standard, German standard, European standard are complete, can be customized as required

Good forgings · Must pay attention to 4 major elements

Teach you to choose the right vendor

Purchase of forged parts · The key depends on quality

Choosing the right manufacturer, worry less and save more money

Lianchengwang Forging Peer forgings

Independent forging and CNC plants

Independent R & D design, mold making, forging embryo production, CNC machining. From product development and design, forging, trimming, heat treatment, vibration grinding, to CNC processing and surface treatment one-stop service, to solve your troubles with multiple suppliers and fast delivery

Outsourcing forging or CNC machining

The peers only have forging capabilities, no independent CNC machining capabilities for the development of molds, no independent CNC machining capabilities, and all procedures and processes need to rely on externally processed products. The quality of the products cannot be monitored and the delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

Production in strict accordance with the production process

Our production process is rough forging, then forging, blanking-heating-once rough forging-second precision forging-trimming-heat treatment, vibration grinding-cleaning, subdividing each link and controlling quality

Cut corners

The peer's production process is blanking-forging embryo-cutting edge-heat treatment, the process is not perfect, there is no subdivision link and quality control of rough forging embryo

Smooth appearance and high precision

Our forged parts are clean, neat and shiny without burrs

Rough surface, severe tolerance

Peer forgings, dark dull burrs

Wide range of forgings

We forge metal parts up to 1000mm in length and 500mm in diameter, and 4000 tons of forging equipment in South China

Limited application range

The scope of application of the peer can only be applied to small forgings such as bicycles, motorcycles, daily use, and electronics, and the scope of application of products is limited.

Product Case

Every customer is working forEndorsement

Motor vehicle forgings

Motor vehicle forgings

One-stop service for structural design, parts processing to surface treatment an...

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Forged motorcycle parts

Forged motorcycle parts

One-stop service for structural design, parts processing to surface treatment an...

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Bicycle forging

Bicycle forging

One-stop service for structural design, parts processing to surface treatment an...

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Electric vehicle forgings

Electric vehicle forgings

One-stop service for structural design, parts processing to surface treatment an...

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Why choose us

Quality control for your needs, worry-free purchases

Brand strength

25 years of accumulated strength

A modern enterprise integrating production, R & D and sales

Has more than 25 years of industry technology and production experience

Have a complete and scientific quality management system and perfect testing equipment


One-stop service

Can provide drawing analysis services and guidance advice

Tailored solutions for customers

We are in hot forging, cold forging, 3D forging, CNC machining

Extensive expertise and rich manufacturing experience


Experienced technical team

Now we have more than 50 sets of various CNC processing equipment

Professional technology, R & D team has 30 people

15-20 days for molds and samples, 7-10 days for mass production

All our production is strictly in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008

IATF16949: 2016 system certification


Elite team · Attentive service

Worry-free return and exchange, if the product has quality problems, unconditional return and responsible for related costs

Dedicated person for one-on-one project follow-up and docking, responding to customer feedback in a timely manner

Intimate after-sales team, 7x24 hours online fast response

Customization process

One-stop service, save time and effort

Production center

Improved equipment system


Focus on new trends in the industry

About Lianchengwang

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25 years forging customIngenious pursuit

Shenzhen Lianchengwang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a high-quality enterprise specializing in integrated services of metal forging and CNC turning and milling for more than 25 years. It has independent research and development, design, processing and perfect quality management system. The factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters and currently has a 4,000-ton forging machine in South China. The company has deep technical strength, high-quality R & D team, advanced production technology, and perfect quality management system.

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